Thursday, September 24, 2009


...One is about to SNAP!

Had a dream that I was drowning and I when I woke from the lack of oxygen husband was pressed up against my pillow somehow managing to cut off my air supply! Not sure how to take this, is there some sort of message he was trying to send me in dreamland?

Anyway, the drowning dream is perfect because One really is drowning under all the pressure of having to keep up with three children in two different schools! Now, we're extremely lucky to have our girls in private school, blah, blah, blah, but why for the love of that is lickable can't they all be in the same school? Both schools require "voluntold hours" and I'm working double time to make up hours here and there! Can't choice #1 school see that they would get more of me and all of my wonderfulness if they just made spots for all three? I swear both #1 and #2 schools got together and decided they wanted to see this mother go mad! "Mad I tell you!" Listening to "Better Off Dead" while writing this post. Appropriate in so many ways!

Done with ranting about the conspiracy theory in which everyone is trying to break me! Got news for you all, there were some other bastards (you know who are) that broke me years ago! So knock it off! Have already been through so many of the phases that you think are left for me to go through and I'm just going to snap and find a pile of laundry in which to curl up in the fetal position and then where will you all be? Up the creek of bad smells and slime, with a shit paddle! That's where! Yes, I know that's not how it goes, but really would you touch the shit paddle, not I! So they would be left in the nasty creek with the Swamp Crack Monster (just for you Pooter) on their tails and there would be nothing they could do about it!

Really, I'm done now! Going to put some food in my system to counter act the coffee buzz and perhaps the next time I share I won't be planning the demise of my paranoid mind enemies!
That is if I don't drown in my sleep first!

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